You and Me.

When all the clouds have turned to grey,

and I don’t know what to do.

My heart reminds me that its okay,

and I always think of you.

The time we spend is short and sweet and perfect from the start,

and when its time to say goodbye, I let our memories engrave my heart.

You treat me just how I deserve and remind me everyday,

Of all the little reasons why my love for you has never gone away.

And so as we continue to explore what we could be,

I want you to remember that it will always be you and me.




I wanted to drown in it.

To engulf myself in the endless possibilities that he represented.

A new beginning.

A start to something that was seemingly inevitable.

A connection.

Undeniably raw and passionate; it made you question everything you thought of as reality.
I waded in.

First knee deep.

A little deeper.

Waist submerged in its purity.

As the tide pulled me under, i fought for every breath.

My mind confused and scared.

It kept my head above the water, where i was safe.

Let go. Sink deep.

This is it.

The water is warm.

The final wave.

Maybe ill drown, for you.


For The Moment.

He said, “Im with that Etta James and Boyz II Men, it’s dope you feel that too.”

The beach was quiet. This was surely something new.

He had begged to see her one more time; day three.

Only for the moment, just you and me.

She said, “Don’t kiss me like that, i leave tomorrow.”

A silent longing, a moment to borrow.

Waves crashing, salty air, covered in the blankets and white sand.

“You’re sitting so far. Come hold my hand.”

She moved in cautiously,

Head on his chest.

A subtle touch,

Forget the rest.

They fell deeper with every kiss,

Both wondering “Why do we feel like this?”

“Ten minutes more.” he repeated over and over.

The was sun setting, it was getting colder.

He reluctantly drove her home,

The night had to end.

He stroked her hair as he turned the final bend.

A kiss goodbye, one last lingering pleasure.

Her heart was heavier than she could measure.

Brown hair, blue eyes, college graduate, six foot one.

He wanted one more day, but their time was done.

“I won’t look back,” she whispered as she walked away.

An undeniable urge to go back, to stay.

A brief encounter. Beach town bliss.

For the moment. Let’s stay like this.


Fill me up with you.

Come inside me. 

But only if entering means something substantial.

Come inside me.

My mind and soul.

Leave me begging for more.

A mental eruption.

Too often do we intertwine without becoming one.

A physical void temporarily filled, only to leave me painfully empty after the night is through.

He entered her; lustfully consumed by all she showed.

“This is incredible,” he said.

She took him in; willingly welcoming every inch.

“This is nothing,” she thought.

All she longed for was not to be seen, but to be felt.

Come inside me.

Search me and undress the mystery of my mind.

Patiently waiting for the one who longs to come inside me.

Only then will I be.


Dom K.

We are neither lovers, nor friends.

Just two strangers whose hearts skip a beat whenever our eyes meet.

Since the very first moment it was a spark,

Your stories and strength left a permanent mark.

I wanted you to know all of me,

But you never saw what the others could see.

The timing was off and I couldn’t stay.

And wait for a sign that falling for you was okay.

And so we made our way around an inevitable bend,

The story that never started came to an unfortunate end.

2:32am 5.31.15

Angel Girl.

A angel girl the age of 6, heard yelling in the hall.

She peeked outside her bedroom door, and saw momma hit the wall.

She always knew that Mom was sad, her heart was full of scars.

For Mommy knew that Daddy lied, he was never truly ours.

The little girl grew up to be a hopeful, shy young teen.

She watched romantic movies and would cry at every scene.

For true love she had never witnessed from her Mom and Dad.

She didn’t feel it did exist, and that would make her sad.

At 14 years, she met a boy, who told her many things.

His smile hid malice and demise; his manipulation clipped her wings.

He promised her the perfect world if she would just agree,

To be his little play thing, ‘til he got bored and let her be.

For years she was trapped in his grip, her mind battered and bruised,

Only later did she realize that she was being used.

The teen grew into a young woman and finally felt free,

She spent the summer after school in Spain out by the sea.

She traveled and she smiled and she blossomed and she changed.

Then quickly, there soon after, her life was rearranged.

She met someone that loved her, for truly all she was.

A boy that showed her, at 18, the reason, her “because”.

She was afraid at first to show him her never-ending light,

Then finally she fell in love and knew she’d be alright.

Years after, the two hearts had to go their separate ways,

For they could not continue to love each other clouded by a haze.

As they grew into themselves, they slowly grew apart.

And as he learned to love another, it broke the young girl’s heart.

“Why me?” she said with tired eyes as momma stroked her hair.

“It’s okay sweetheart” her mother said “there are good men out there”.

The young woman just closed her eyes, and swore she’d never love.

She promised to only love herself and put nobody else above.

As life continued on with time she learned to love herself.

She admired all the strength she had, the past that gave her stealth.

She mended the relationship that haunted her for years.

Father and daughter sitting on the floor, his t-shirt drenched in tears.

“I love you,” he told her. “I’m sorry I broke your heart. I was the reason that you mind was troubled from the very start.”

Forgiving him soon helped her find serenity and hope.

For otherwise she was not sure if she would ever cope.

Soon she welcomed obstacles that could get in her way.

For she knew that with every lesson learned through pain, her strength would stay.

She spread the peace she found within her heart with those she did not know.

The feeling of helping others find themselves was something she’d never let go.

And so the little girl grew into a woman that was whole.

She was kind and honest and loyal and true; the woman with a passionate soul.


They were the messy kind.

The kind that made you wanna lick your fingers in order to taste every last bit of the feeling.

They were the silent kind.

The quiet moments were just as telling as the moments filled with laughter.

A non-verbal vibration that hummed in the air like a warm summer evening.

You could not help but watch the sunset.

They were the lasting kind.

Time stood no chance against them.

If they disappeared for a moment they would always find their way back.

They were like rain.

They drenched you to the skin and left you wet..wanting to experience them again.

She loved dancing in them.

They were the intimidating kind.

The kind you curiously long to touch and get lost in and, even still, simultaneously wish to run away from in order to avoid the possibility of a devastating end.

She had always been good at running.

Dangerous vibes. They were the only kind that made her stay.